Saturday, September 25, 2021

landscape class


This week's scene in Bill Rogers's Zoom landscape class at Chesapeake Fine Arts Studio. (I think it's on Prince Edward Island?)
I have been taking a lot of online classes and I think some important lessons may be finally starting to sink in.

1. Plan ahead. Do a preliminary drawing or value study. Try some colors. Have some idea of how you'll proceed: where do you start? where should you wet the paper first?
2. Put the paint down as freely and boldly as you can; don't worry. Try to find the large shapes. (E.g., while I was painting it, I thought the grasses were a mess. Look fine to me now.)
3. Keep an eye on value and edges.

And yet I still mess up.
Here's a painting I did recently on my own.
Going to try again, channeling Bill's approach.


Jennifer Rose said...

might mess up (once again, being too hard on yourself) but you keep trying 😀

laura said...

thanks, jennifer rose. I do keep trying!