Monday, April 26, 2010


A little more playing around trying to absorb Charles Reid's advice.
I had some time to paint this weekend--and lilacs (another perennial challenge) blooming in the yard--but I also had utter chaos at home this weekend as Peter and Paco installed a hardwood floor in my guest room; in the days and weeks ahead they'll be putting down a hardwood floor in my room and totally renovating the bathroom--new walls, floor, fixtures, window.
Almost the entire contents of my downstairs are now piled in the living room, which I know is temporary, but still makes me anxious: I do like order. When I feel the anxiety I go into the guestroom and look at the floor.

One of the women who sends me work will be going on maternity leave to have her first child soon; I painted this card and envelope to wish her well.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

charles reid dvd

(5x7 hot press)
Last night I watched the first disk of Charles Reid's new DVD, which I read about on Rhonda's blog, and couldn't resist painting along.
It amazes me how right after I watch a demo I can implement certain ideas from the demo, but then, later, I just revert back to what I always do!
These are from Reid's lessons on local color, greens, and edges.

(11x15 sheet)
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Friday, April 23, 2010

the year of unburdening

(4x6 hot press)
I missed the magnolia blossoms and have nearly missed out on my irises. Actually I've been avoiding them because I find them so very difficult. The picture at the end shows my first go, which I thought suffered from too much drawing and fussy concern about the color.
In response, I did the freehand painting above, and then painted over my first one, below.
Not perfect, but definitely more fun. (4x6 hot press)

Since I turned fifty in December 09 I've been in the hospital twice, never having been hospitalized in all the previous years. It's not "serious" but it is worrying, primarily in how it's impacted my sense of myself. What do you know, I'm not indestructible! The realization's been a blow but, after a few weeks of sulking and thinking and avoiding thinking by painting walls, I'm ready to stop focusing on my newly discovered frailties and rededicate myself to the idea of myself as a fortunate (and healthy) person.
The rest of this fiftieth year is going to one of unburdening, materially and emotionally: I'm casting off for fifty-one.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

last daffs

I've been busy painting rooms and "spring cleaning," which has resulted in a big mess everywhere that's not conducive to painting.
I completely missed out on the chance to paint my magnolia tree this year: the blooms came and went.
The last of my daffodils are starting to wilt so yesterday I tried ... I may get another day or two out of them. Then, I hope, I'll have some irises.

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