Sunday, August 30, 2009

unplanned haitus

I wasn't planning to ever post this painting because I made it from a photo I found on the Net (Google Images, I think)--the only thing I changed was the boat names. (While I'll use a photo in this way for my own use, to practice, because I like the image, I normally wouldn't share the result; it's a grayish area, I think, and I feel sheepish about it.)
One day during my spring workshop we were supposed to paint people, and this was the only photo with people, small as they are, I had.
But, I haven't posted, or painted, in a while, so I just wanted to post something and say I hope I'll be back to regularly painting soon, and to thank everyone who wrote check up on me.
All's well with me, but my mother got a compound fracture in her ankle, and she and my dad have required my help, affecting, for now, my time and desire to paint. Help is on the way though and I'll probably be back to posting regularly after Labor Day.
So, enjoy the rest of your summer; see you in the fall.
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