Friday, August 31, 2018

Benny's Landing

Painted here at the beginning of last year, with mostly disastrous results, and took the picture this is painted from.
There was a ton of largely indiscernible "information" under the house and the dock and I was trying to just indicate that there was something there ... not entirely successfully (got much too dark in some places), but success enough

Bird postcards

Also, very glacially, working on postcards featuring birds, using a gouache and colored pencil technique taught online by Val Webb. I like the results but find working with colored pencils somewhat laborious--so it helps to keep it small!

Higbee Beach

Plein air painting yesterday afternoon.
Was going to skip it because of the heat, but glad I didn't: there was no shade, but a lovely breeze, and I took a couple of dips too.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Today's efforts

Decided to try a little painting on the deck, such a perfect day. Until I got swarmed by mosquitos ...
The geraniums were painted without drawing. I've decided I like a loose approach to the leaves, just wobbly-edged ovals.
The sunflowers I drew. Perhaps too much as I felt very much that I was filling them in!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ohio Ave and Delaware Bay

Took a few painting supplies on my bike ride this morning. By the time I stopped to paint, half the water had leaked out all over everything, including 5x7 block. Since the paper was wet I was going to just head home, but another voice in my head won out, the voice I'm trying to make louder.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Way back

I began to try to break out of my slump with these tiny imagined landscapes ...
Funny that of the few things I've done so far they're my favorite.
And introducing one of my four--started with two ...-- new cats, Arya.

Sunflower farm

Started this on location at a nesrby farm.
Now poking away intermittently at home!

In October I'll be in an Alvaro Castagnet workshop, so I've got to get comfortable with my paints before then.

3 days

Another ( nearly) year of no blogging and hardly any painting.
Going to try to change that-- no matter how awkward and disappointing these first steps are.
I spent about 15-20 minutes the last 3 mornings, before becoming overwhelmed by dailiness, painting a small, 7x10, sketch.
Going to push for 5 days a week.