Thursday, September 16, 2021

zoom landscape class


This morning was the first of the four fall sessions in Bill Rogers's landscape class at Chesapeake Fine Arts Studio.
Unfortunately it coincided with my current slump. I feel like I'm painting in a panic; overworking everything, not thinking. Telling myself it's because I have an event coming up: a "studio tour" sponsored by a local art group that I'm participating in for the first time. 

Wasn't too engaged by this subject, but I started with the sky and was kind of pleased ... 
Should say the 11x15 version was the main painting. I've begun, while I'm doing the quarter sheet painting, to also, with less, or no, drawing, work on another, smaller sheet simultaneously. Not sure why exactly. Hoping for something less strained? To fill the time in the class ...?

The yellow halo on the middle cloud on the top painting, in the middle, just happened: that's how the paint settled on the page! Now that's the kind of thing I love ... that's what I want to get in every painting.


RH Carpenter said...

I like both of these and see what you mean about the golden halo around the cloud = so great when something happens like that and looks so good! You are taking a lot of online workshops, I can’t keep up! ha ha.

laura said...

Thanks, Rhonda. I am taking a lot of online workshops--perhaps too many! I can barely keep up and in fact seem to miss something every week!