Thursday, January 28, 2021

virtual life drawing


This started out 11x15, but I just could not get the arms right.
It's not a great likeness of the model: why do I never notice things like the nose being too long till it's too late? Getting a likeness isn't all that important to me, but it would be nice!
I was going to go further, but ... I feel like it's enough. Though I am awfully tempted to paint her tank top!


Barbara Muir said...

Love it! If you’re tempted, go for it!


RH Carpenter said...

This is really lovely and I don’t care if it’s not an exact likeness; you’ve captured a certain wistfulness I like.

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda. Now that you say that, she looks kind of like a Dorothea Lange subject!

laura said...

Thank you, Barbara ... I think I will!