Friday, January 22, 2021



I posted this on Instagram, where it got a number of likes; proving once again that I dont know what people like!
I was trying to pInt something simple simply. I think I pretty much did that, though I went back into the sky to add more blue.
To me this painting is just not very interesting. Maybe it's the uniformity of the grays? The absence of strong light?


Laura said...

I really like it! It's calm and beautiful.

laura said...

Thank you, Laura. It is rather calm and quiet.

Blackwatersiren said...

What is your Instagram name so I can find you?

Ludmiła Jabłońska said...

Twój blog jest dla mnie inspirujący. Dawno nie byłam i zapomniałam, jak fajnie malujesz! I pokazujesz drogę do osiągnięcia dobrego efektu!

laura said...

Ludmila, Dziękuję Ci--thank you for your comment! [translation, courtesy of Google!: Your blog inspires me. It's been a long time and I forgot how cool you paint! And you show the way to a good effect!]

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, it’s lovely and calm and cold :). If you wanted a little pop, you could add in little bitty touches of a bright color in places on the houses/barns? I love the sky! I would probably leave this alone and call it done because I know I would try to do too much more and then lose the freshness and all that lovely white and pale colors. Maybe do another and give it some really bold colors? Imagine those buildings in rusty reds and the foreground even more orange?