Saturday, April 06, 2019

wip: quince


I am partial to that classic watercolor subject, fruit hanging on a tree. I have many photos of a persimmon tree at the end of my street that I hope to get around to painting one day.

I signed up for an online course with Birgit O'Connor called Shadows and Backgrounds because I love one of the paintings she does in the course, a branch of quince. I signed up for, and actually completed two of the projects for, another of her classes, and I learned a lot--about planning, about going big ... (And the classes are a good deal, imho: when you buy, you have access forever! Birgit supplies all the info and references you need; there are FB groups to interact with other students; and the videos are very good.) But I still have more to learn from her.
For example, for some dumb reason, I don't know why, I started this painting before watching Birgit's video. Luckily she has a video on correcting blooms--I don't usually mind blooms, but the one on the big leaf is just distracting.
Now the plan is to finish this, then do another a la Birgit.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting and exciting course!

RH Carpenter said...

Really lovely and I didn’t “see” the large bloom on the leaf until you mentioned it! ha ha. Looking forward to seeing what you do to add to this one and how you change the leaf bloom. Birgit paints some gorgeous things in big sizes - so does this mean you are going BIG??

Barbra Joan said...

When I first heard of Birgit O'Connor I was really excited to see those giant paintings. I bought her book and it came with a CD which I could watch..

I have always wanted to do large paintings, but even after all this time it's something I can't seem to 'get'.
I seem to be stuck in the small works, but I never give up trying..
I do like your 'quince' painting.

laura said...

Birgit makes it doable by working on one shape at a time.
I think she gives good advice, too, about what makes a good reference photo!
But, having said that, there is nothing wrong with small! A small painting can pull you in!