Tuesday, April 02, 2019

testing ...

I haven't been able to post from my phone, which, it turns out, surprisingly, is rather a pain.
I always get a "network error" message.
I am far from technically minded, but I steeled myself and did some troubleshooting.
Seems it's the photos that are causing the problem. So, another avenue to explore, sigh ... but I'm closing in on it!

(My blog will only post words, not pictures and my printer lately only prints pictures, not words. A technological chiasmus.)


annie said...

Your selfie came through along with text, Laura. Good luck with the rest.


laura said...

Phew, Annie, you scared the hell out of me for a minute there ... "Selfie?," I thought, "oh, no, did I accidentally publish something from my phone," like one of those horrible shots you get when the camera is turned around ...
Turns out it's just my profile picture! :-)

Barbara Muir said...

What a drag Laura,

Sometimes it seems that all of the technology goes awry.