Friday, April 19, 2019

white-throated sparrow

I think I mentioned I'll be in two small group shows in August ... I would really like to have a few little bird paintings to put in in it, so I'm starting to think about that ... (a good thing, too, since my last two daffodil attempts have been just awful! haven't abandoned them yet, though!).
This guy is a little stiff for my liking. (If you are on FB check out Michelle Clamp's bird paintings at Paint Colorful Birds for Fun; they have a wonderful fluidity that I would love to be able to achieve.)
Just a start.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I have them outside my window now!

annie said...

So cuddly and sweet, Laura.

Barbara Muir said...

This is lovely. I love your bird paintings. The sparrows were coming onto our porch today to get out of the rain.