Tuesday, April 02, 2019

1st shot at daffodils, 2019

Okay, posting old-school here: take a photo with a camera; upload to laptop; edit and move to blogger file; post. Seems so laborious now ... but at least it works.
I have to complain about my paper a bit here: sometimes I seem to get a sheet that just won't cooperate--it's too absorbent and the colors don't mingle. Or it could be me: maybe I'm not getting an adequate ratio of paint to water to allow the color to float on the surface?
Anyway, debuting my new bar blue-striped towels! Have been looking everywhere for ones just like these but with writing on them--haven't found them yet.

The young man raking the leaves in my yard decimated one of my daffodil beds today. Managed to save a handful that haven't opened yet. So, 2nd shot will a vase of buds!


Anonymous said...

I love daffodils, yours are beautiful, I’m glad you could save some!

laura said...

Thank you, Laurie. I love daffodils too: 1. they're relatively easy to draw, and 2. they seem to grow well in my yard!
I was kicking myself for not seeing it coming: I should have cut them all last night!

RH Carpenter said...

A sure sign of spring = Laura's painting daffodils! Love them all and sorry the young man ruined ones you had :( They are pretty hardy and I know you'll always have some around to draw and paint. I like your addition of the blue-stripe towel, too. Adds a little perk to the colors.

laura said...

Ha, so true! I don't know how many years I have been working on these daffodils. Alwsys just elude me somehow ... maybe that's the appeal!

Barbara Muir said...

Gorgeous as always. I love how the towel comes through the glass.
And the blue is the perfect colour to show off the daffodils.

I still do my blog old school. All of my equipment is ancient.
(Well the ancients wouldn't think so, but in techie terms - true!)