Saturday, April 20, 2019

quince again

Lately everytime I paint something, I feel I have start over!
I wasn't happy with my attempt to paint dappled sunlight in the quince painting below and decided to start another; you'll see I haven't gotten to the problem area yet.
But here's the problem when you have two paintings of the same thing: there's always something to like (and not like) in each!
Seeing them side by side now I can really see that the quince in the first one have a luminosity that the ones in the second don't. Third try?


Anonymous said...

They look wonderful!

Barbra Joan said...

I know what you mean about doing the same one more than once. Why can't life (painting) just be simple.

As for starting over after a long while, LOL well I usually start with my old standbys ….. PEARS !

Barbara Muir said...

They are both beautiful, and I love your dedication. I was painting pansies, and they were live. I did two of the same bunch before they died, and they are quite
different, but the same too. Right now the pansies which live outside in pots have
produced no blooms because it isn't their perfect weather. I may have to buy more pots. I love your Quince. In a way it's like painting two portraits of the same person -- they will be quite different, but like your two paintings, equally wonderful!


RH Carpenter said...

Although I do not see problems in either of these paintings, it never hurts to do a series of the same thing because sometimes you just stumble on something amazing that way! I love your painting style but maybe you wanted more hard light edges on these? Either way, they are both juicy and beautiful with a nice glow of color.