Friday, April 12, 2019

daffodils #3

My rescued daffodils are getting a little droopy ... as is my treatment of this subject. My friend Mike says I always lose a little energy as I repeat a subject, and he's right.
Wasn't too happy with the one above, so I did the quick, wet, no-drawing sketch below, to try to bring a little energy back to it.


RH Carpenter said...

Yes, there's a freshness in the bottom one done without drawing, just putting down the color = gorgeous! I think we all get too tight when we redo something even if it's something we love to paint. But I love all your daffodils so don't stop doing them!!

Anonymous said...

I think they’re both beautiful, I do enjoy doing a painting with no sketch, it forces me to keep loose! In my painting not my life, 🙃

laura said...

... Although you are not having that problem with your wonderfully inventive crow series!
I won't stop till the daffodils are gone!

laura said...

I used to paint without drawing more often ... It does really help loosen you up; also a good way to tryvout color mixes?

laura said...
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Barbara Muir said...

I love both paintings, and I think you paint daffodils superbly.
They aren't an easy flower to paint -- so brightly glorious --
but you get them every time. Love your work to the max.