Friday, May 29, 2009

who's the fairest

Another what's-at-hand still life. I wasn't happy with the middle apple, so decided to try to make the one on the left the focus, but then those little runbacks above the middle apple occurred, calling more attention to it! So, I surrender!
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Anonymous said...

The apples look so luscious one doesn't even notice the runbacks. I like the contrast of the striped cloth with the apples. You give a lot of thought to your work and it shows

A Brush with Color said...

Wow--I LOVE this, Laura! Yum--it's so juicy and rich color to boot. Really stunning. I like that right one, too.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

One of the best things about watercolour is that you have to surrender. The paper and paint do their own dance. I love how it happens in your work.

Take care,


Peter said...

I loathe runbacks - especially on sky/hills, but then that is the 'quirkyness' of watercolours...