Thursday, May 07, 2009

(5x7 sheet)
Gathering up things to take to my workshop next week. I always end up with a tremendous, ridiculous pile, which I then winnow down to something I can carry! Paper is heavy.
I keep small sheets of paper around to test colors etc. and found the page above, on which I painted the top New Mexico scene several months ago; I had made a start on the bottom version, which I finished last night.

Then I tried to chose one from among the many smallish watercolor sketchbooks I have to take along. I mentioned Vivien at Paintings, Prints, and Stuff's sky painting challenge to the two friends I'll be doing the workshop with, and we may give it a try, so I'd like to bring a small sketchbook to do the sky paintings in.
If I'd been painting the skies here the last two weeks, I'd have 14 sheets of gray paper to show for it.
How I wish I'd planted my tomatoes!
(6x10 sheet)
Arches Carnet de Voyage travel book
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Anonymous said...

I love the looseness in these sketches - particularly the sky piece. The colors work well to create a mood.

RH Carpenter said...

Lovely complements of the orange against the blue - so pretty! Hope you pack just what you need and nothing more or less :) Enjoy!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

Your sketches are super, and you're right watercolour paper is heavy.
Have a super trip, can't wait to see the work you create. Your paintings are beautiful.

Take care,