Thursday, July 22, 2010

painting with mike


 Weds. I went up the road to visit my dear good friends Mike and Lisa, both of whom do all kinds of things, and do them well. Mike is adding watercolor painting to his list of accomplishments. We were going to paint together on our sailing trip; turned out I couldn't go, but Mike painted anyway, for which I applaud him--it's hard to sit down and paint on vacation when no one else is doing it, and he made some beautiful paintings (which I'll post here when I get his permission).
We set up a couple of simple still lifes and finally managed to paint a little yesterday and today.
Below are Mike's paintings. Aren't they great? I love his watermelon, and the peaches and cherries are so rich and dark. The whole painting has Chinese feeling to it.
Mike painted these next two on a little pad of Sennelier paper that I brought along--he's been painting on lightweight paper, which, you know, can be a struggle. I love the color of his corn and tomato and the garlic bulb is just great.
Mike has beginner's mind and just works with what he has--I don't think he even has ultramarine blue!--It makes me wish I were a beginner again.
And here's a portrait of the reason we didn't get even more painting done.
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A Brush with Color said...

Oh, Laura, what a fun post--your paintings are beautifully fresh, and Mike is a natural! His are excellent! I know what you mean about just going with what he has--I probably have too many paints. I admit I am loving this flimsy-papered sketchbook, because there's absolutely no pressure to feel anything I create will be any good anyway.

Delightful paintings--all of these!

AutumnLeaves said...

Wow, Laura!! That top piece is exquisite!!! Just gorgeous and again...I just wish I could paint half as well as you do (I so love watercolors; my favorite medium!).

Mike's work is so beyond the beginner level; much better than I could hope to achieve. He is indeed a natural.

And I have to admit that I laughed right out loud at the Heineken painting!

IrinaSztukowski said...

Great watercolor session you Guys had. It is wonderful to get together and paint. My niece and I having fun this summer and paint almost every day together. Mike's paintings show pretty manly approach. And your paintings ar so fresh and juicy; I love them all. Thank you Laura, Irina

RHCarpenter said...

Mike already has a nice, fresh style to his painting and I know it will be fun to see him grow - may he never lose beginner mind!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Laura,
Great post. Lovely water colors. How long did you say Mike has been painting watercolors? He doesn't fib, does he? Hats off to Mike for his accomplishments. Nice for you to have artist friends so close by.

Cathy Gatland said...

So much fun, and beautiful watercolours from top to bottom (the bottle looking nice and loose and uninhibited ;) - so great to paint with a friend and I'm sure some of his beginner mind rubs off on you, and your experience on him!

Mark McC said...

I'm jealous of Mike! I want to hang out and paint and drink with you. Especially the latter.

Sparrowhawk said...

nice water colours, fresh and lively still life! why chinese??

Sharon said...

These paintings really reflect the juicy goodness of the fruit. And how fun to have a painting buddy!

Teresa said...

Beautiful paintings... both yours and Mike's. I laughed at the last line!

SKIZO said...

Fascinating work.
It has been delightful
to visit your gallery.
Good Creations

Charlene Brown said...

These paintings are all so fresh and delicious! Your splendid shadow colours look completely spontaneous and are exactly right. And the product placement is excellent as well!


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