Friday, July 09, 2010

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Hydrangeas, or any flower made of small clusters, are taxing to my brain! I think they're best painted by negative painting ... picking out all the little interstices.
I did this in two stages: the (blurry--sorry!) photo below shows where I stopped last night. Today, taking a break from work, I kept adding and adding until I ran out of time! Not the best methodology for watercolor painting.
I wish I had planned and left more white space. If I do it again, I will.

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A Brush with Color said...

What juicy, rich colors here, Laura! Wow! We had such beautiful hydrangeas this year and they just kept blooming and blooming for us. I have been wanting to paint them, but I am so afraid I'll be tempted to pick out every niggling little bud. I love the way you did these broad washy tones. You really succeeded in communicating them to me!

Karen said...

I find clusters of flowers hard to paint. I like the loose style you did on the hydrangeas.

AutumnLeaves said...

I like it just as it is, Laura. Hydrangeas are my second favorite flower and they are rather "tightly wrapped," so to speak. In other words, no need for lots of white space. In the real thing, where there is a small space between flowers, you just see the dense bush behind. See? LOL This is quite true to form and I love it!

Ann Buckner said...

Beautiful work, Laura.

IrinaSztukowski said...

If I see Hydrangeas i admire, think about close up painting and go away. It is not easy to capture all the flowers; but, sometimes I thing do you really need to..?
Thank you Laura for teaching me not to be afraid!
Irina (


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