Saturday, July 03, 2010


Finally decided to try one of the numerous photos I took of fishing boats docked in Cape May. 

I liked this picture because of the big dark shape of the hull on the right.

This is my favorite stage. I stopped here to think it over, but it turned out to be a bad idea, because now the big, dark shape I found so appealing intimidated me.
I wanted to get the look of stained, rusted paint on the hull, but it just looks like a messy wash to me! And I messed up the lettering, though that doesn't really matter to me.
I thought it might be done, but decided to add more darks to the water.
I got too fussy with water ... But it's all right: I enjoyed painting this. I'd like to try it bigger, and now I know what not to do.

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Anonymous said...

I like your partial statement of the boats. Creates tension and interest. It was interesting to read your progression too. I know too well that feeling of doubt about whether one did too much or whether one overworked the piece. I think it turned out really well. Sometimes we are too critical of our own work.

Irina said...

So interesting to see it step-by-step. And so good result.

Barbara M. said...

Superb. No you didn't get too fussy. Laura, Laura. Accept how talented you are! Such a fabulous painter.

Happy 4th of July,


A Brush with Color said...

Wow! I love it! You sure have been productive lately, Laura. I think we all go in waves with that. (pun intended)

I don't think the large boat was messy--it's rich, oozy colors--I love it! And your treatment of the water reflections is fabulous. A daunting subject for me, that's for sure! David Dewey's class was like this for me--you'd excel at that--I was so intimidated by these types of subjects. I love them, though...

You're on a roll!

Carol Blackburn said...

I think is't great, Laura. May I ask, did you erase your pencil sketch after you finished painting?

Charlene Brown said...

I think the dark wet-in-wet paint has achieved a very real, but uncontrived, rusting look, and it works very well in this painting.

Diana said...

hi Laura, I like the watery look of the big blue boat. actually I think if you made it darker at the bottom of the boat and a few darker waves of reflecting this dark.. Sometime I try things on a separate scrap paper and tear or cut it to fit -- so I'd do a darker bottom on the scrap..then cut that out and put it on top of the original to see if I like it. Does this make sense.. I like your blue boat! Happy Fourth,Diana

debwardart said...

Listening to you self-doubt as you progressed makes me think, once again, we are always our own worst critics. Sit back and enjoy - this is a very nice painting - and it is your study if you want to do it larger - and you also know what TO DO now!!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Well, you know Laura, it is funny. The part you think you messed up is my favorite part of the painting. I think you beautifully captured that old, rust-spotted hull. I think the blooms from the watercolors just add remarkably well to that effect. I also think the water is beautiful and it is just one all around one gorgeous watercolor! In fact, I'd count it as one of my personal favorites. It is truly exquisite!

truerecord said...

I love your painting -- and again another subject. Having fun doing it seems the best. Looking forward to painting with you soon.


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