Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VSD preview


This month's Virtual Sketch Date subject is one I'm always drawn to and challenged by: a tree--with branches and twigs and dappled shadow and light ... I thought I'd try a practice run with watercolor and watercolor pencil. I used hot press papaer, and think I'll probably switch to cold press for the final version. When I first started painting, hp was my preference, but now it strikes me as often resulting a certain flatness; here, the watercolor pencils help counteract that.
If you haven't, check out Karin Jurick's blog, Different Strokes from Different Folks, where she posts a new reference photo every Wednesday night. The paintings and drawings she receives in response a week later are amazing! It's too late to post it on her blog, but I have made the drawing for her "upside-down walker" challenge and will post the results here. Go to her blog to read more about.
I want to thank everyone for their comments on my "slump"; I received a lot of good advice, encouragement, and, from at least one correspondent (you know who you are!) an exasperated kick in the behind.
I think I will now trudge on and stop with the complaining.
Many people reminded me, and it's so true, that doing the painting is what matters.
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Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

I love your watercolor paintings. I also have done the VSD challenge in watercolor. Might get it up.

Judybec said...

Laura, Laura, Laura!!! This is WONDERFUL!!!!! I am in awe of your trees.....ALL of them. This one especially is so colorful it really sings!

Sharon said...

What slump? This is vibrant and energetic. I love it!

"JeanneG" said...

Laura this is just beautiful. I love the mix of colors. Perfect. I received my card. Beautiful too. Can't figure out which WC trade it was for. Thanks, Jeanne

Don Gray said...

Beautifully done, Laura. You have a wonderful way with the fluidity of watercolor, and such a fine color sense.

Robin@Library said...

Gorgeous, wild and full of energy- you've taken a great leap from the contemplative to the dynamic subject. Dances with colors and brushstroke, whoo, inspiring :)