Wednesday, November 05, 2008

a new day

It happened--redemption is ours! I feel empty: watching the faces of the people in Grant Park, I felt all the bitter and disfiguring cynicism and anger of the last eight years flowing out of me.
And this morning, watching the elated reaction around the world, I feel America is no longer an adolescent.

Well, George Bush thought he was going to preside over the Rapture, and, I guess in a way he has; he has been such an abysmal and divisive president, his disdain and contempt so poisonous, that he has catalyzed this tremendous change! Thanks, George, and GOODBYE!

One sad note though: It was a bad night for gay rights. Apparently that's one prejudice that was not transcended last night.
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Ruth said...

I agree, thank you, George!

Did you see that 1,000 people celebrated in front of the White House last night?

annie said...

I always burn out on campaign rhetoric but I was uplifted and touched by McCain and Obama, late, last night--we need people in government to forget political differences and to work together-- there's a lot to do.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Hey, we're dancing over at My Great Day!

cathyswatercolors said...

Goodbye indeed. We are free from King George. I was exhausted at work today,having stayed up way past my bedtime. Amazingly the day seemed to fly by, I felt so cheerful and hopeful. After eight years, I can hardly believe America voted in such a great leader. This is history, I am glad to be alive. So glad to see your paintings again.