Saturday, November 08, 2008

fort, puerto rico



Doing some much-needed maintenance work around the house today, including trying to set up an office space and reconnecting my desktop, which has been sitting in a box for months! Hope to get to painting later in the day, but in case I don't ...
I found this card I painted for my friend Sue's birthday a few years ago in my desktop's files.
Sue won a trip for two to Puerto Rico for the Pablo Casals festival and she took me along--what a great trip; I painted these from photos taken on that trip.
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michelle said...

puerto rico is beautiful
we use to have a wait over often for a while when meg my youngest daughter went to school in st thomas
meg learned more living and going to school for three years in the islands then she had her entire jr high and high school career in mainland high school
culture, beauty, appreciation for the small things like having enough water to drink or shower with, not depending on whether it had rained enough and education or even just being being able to read

Cathy Gatland said...

Lovely paintings, and what a great reminder of a lovely vacation - I'm sure Sue treasures them.

Ruth said...

How cool! My son Peter is still traveling on his cruise ship gig with his band, and they're in San Juan every Sunday as the embarkation point for the islands. He just loves San Juan.

These are such sweet paintings. How lucky for you and Sue both!

laura said...

Hi Michelle. I love St. Thomas, and especially St. John. Maybe I love any warm island!
Thanks, Cathy. It was a great trip; we saw a concert every night too.
We stayed in San Juan, Ruth. It was beautiful and the people are lovely!!

A Brush with Color said...

I really enjoy your art--these are lovely.