Sunday, November 16, 2008

slump continues!

The slump goes on. I'm beginning to feel a little panicky/superstitious about it ... Maybe I need to make a sacrifice? This is weird; I've never experienced anything exactly like this. Throughout the years I've been painting I've had to force myself to paint and, of course, I've been unhappy with results before, but without this feeling of failure. Nothing "works." I'm puzzled, exasperated, hoping it'll turn around soon.


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cathyswatercolors said...

Hi Laura, I have been working on the VSD challenge and I am feeling the same way. How do I approach this painting. Color,composition,loose,tight.( so far I have painted a different version of the tree 4 times and I don't like any of them) I know these aren't your issues,but I like to think when I am struggling with painting it's because I am going through a growth spurt (so to speak)and that I am ready for a new approach,one that is more emotionally satisfying. Personally I love your paintings,I know your not looking for compliments, but I enjoy the fluid colors, and the drawings are always so well done. So hang in there, it's a new dawn.Hopefully for me too.

Ruth said...

"Nothing can be rushed. It must grow."


Mineke Reinders said...

Nothing wrong with these from my perspective, I love them both, especially the top one, it's perfect. But I sympathize with your malaise, I think it goes with the territory. I used to panic every time I hit a slump, thinking it was the end of my painting days, but... keep working, it will pass. Sometimes, it helps to try something completely different, experiment, don't worry about the results.

laura said...

Hi Cathy. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. The "issues" seem to be a moving target!

LOL Ruth! I should take my own sidebar quotations to heart!

Thanks, Mineke. I suppose I've been lucky this past year or so, just floating along, enjoying the blogging and all the encouragement and support it's brought my way.
For some reason, my head/heart's not in the right place at the moment--but I know it'll reorient ... soon, I hope!

Teresa said...

Hi Laura,

At least you ARE painting! Gotta give yourself credit for that. Me..oh well, we don't want to go there! Sigh. Tomorrow. I pledge that tomorrow I will spend time on my art (as soon as I've made the Annual Christmas Cake which is a requirement in my family).

I read with interest the comments you left about the vets in your family. I met a WWII vet this past weekend. He was 18 when he landed on the beach at Normandy. He's 86 now. He's agreed to let me interview him and write an article. I'm looking forward to that. I find the human aspect of conflicts compelling.

On the knitting... you CAN learn! It's not difficult at all. Two basic stitches really. Perhaps the easiest way to learn is to take beginner classes at a local yarn shop. Then you have someone at hand to ask questions if the need arises. Failing that, there are some excellent beginner books on the market. Let me know when you make your first stitches!

Brent Perkins said...

No suggestions, but lots of empathy. I painted a couple of stinkers this past week, and I can't seem to figure out how and why the came to be duds, but they are.

A Brush with Color said...

OMG, if I could come up with work as beautiful as these, Laura, I wouldn't be feeling down at all. I'd be ebullient. These trees are wonderful. I think we all go through these times--I know I do on a constant basis, but I tell myself I'm just learning. But aren't we all, every day?!...I love your work, and it always looks fresh and lovely to me.

Cathy Gatland said...

Hope you get over this uncomfortable feeling soon - I think we all have it at times (I suspect my time is coming soon when I return to watercolours after doing oils for a bit!). It really doesn't show in your paintings, they look juicy and relaxed.

Carol Feldman said...


You know (and I can see) that you can paint. That obviously isn't the problem. You aren't inspired/happy/fulfilled/satisfied with what and how you are painting. Whatever. Your job is to keep painting. If you think that you are discontent with how you are painting now, you cannot imagine how miserable you will be if you stop. It is incredibly hard and sometimes impossible to begin again, once you have taken that step. Keep painting. Paint your feet, your bed, your sink - it doesn't matter. Something will switch you back on, and the only way you will be able to take advantage of it is if you haven't stopped painting in the meantime.
Keep drawing, painting and posting, because watching your struggles as well as your successes is good for you as well as for the rest of us.

If you haven't already, you might look at the book Art & Fear by Bayles and Orland

Lindsay said...

Could mean you are ready to make a major shift. These are lovely sketches...just keep moving the art tool.