Sunday, November 09, 2008

cezanne copy


A Cezanne show is coming to Philadelphia this winter, so I've been looking through my Cezanne books. Yesterday I did a copy of this painting, Winding Road in Provence, from the book, Cezanne: The Early Years.

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annie said...

It is fun to watch a variety of artists take off on the same scene. You are copying Cezanne, yet this painting is so Laura. I just love it. Now I have to go back and study the two of them.
Thank you.

Carol Feldman said...

I like yours better.

Ruth said...

I love them both. The lights and darks must be a challenge.

laura said...

Thank you, Annie. "Laura" is the only way I can paint! ;-)

Thanks, Carol. Cezanne's has a better sense of space, volume; but even though I didn't/couldn't replicate them exactly, it was the colors that attracted me to this scene.

In my usual fashion, Ruth, I just splashed right in. Now that I've done one, I think I could probably make a more thoughtful study ... whether I'll get to it or not is another question!

michelle said...

they are both lovely paintings but i really enjoy the colors in the second painting especially the oranges and purples

when and where is the cezanne show
sounds like a good day trip maybe even a weekend trip