Tuesday, March 25, 2008

monday's class

(8x12) (6x8)
Two unfinished pansy studies from yesterday's class. You'd think pansies would be one of the easier flowers to paint--such a simple shape and brilliant colors, but I think I go at them a little heavyhandedly. In the second one, I'm getting the foliage better (masses of little leaves are difficult); and my teacher, Marie Natale, suggested adding a little umber under the lemon to warm up the shadow--I think it really works! I'll have to add raw umber to my palette.
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Mineke Reinders said...

Delightful! They don't look heavyhanded to me at all. I especially love the colors and fluidity of the second one, which I'd consider finished as it is. Lovely.

Sara Mathewson said...

I love them both and would consider them both finished. I love the colors of the pansies in the top one especially, but they are both lovely! I think we tend to be our own worst critics.


laura said...

I guess I call something "unfinished" when I think I can go back in and "improve" it, when and if I decide what could be done to achieve that end; when the truth is, for the most part, when I walk away from a painting it is usually literally finished.
It's like a little trick I (try to) play on myself. ;-)
It's definitely true we (I?) are our own worst critics!
But thank you both for you comments; I'll try to look at these agin in a new light.