Saturday, March 22, 2008

Looking at Hopper's paintings of New England shore towns inspired me to dig up these pencil drawings done in 1980, my sophomore year of college, for a drawing class. The professor insisted we draw something everyday, which had me casting about for subjects when at school--like a pan of leftover stringbeans on the stove--and out wandering around Cape May and Cape May Point when I was home for a visit.
I took art in HS (where I drew mostly Arthurian-inspired fantasy landscapes in pen and ink) and this one class in college and I didn't save any of it, except these 6 drawings (and a pen and ink of pigeons done outside that I had to tear in half after a pigeon "commmented" on it). There are drawing and perspective problems in these, but I guess I held on to them because the subjects continue to appeal to me.

Lots of summer people are down for the holiday weekend, and anyway I have raking to do!, but starting next week I'm going to devote half a day once a week to exploring the Jersey Cape in search of subjects.
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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

These drawings are fabulous. Very Hopperesque'!