Thursday, March 20, 2008

These pencil sketches are from photographs in the book Hopper's Places of places Hopper painted; you may recognize the scenes though they differ from Hopper's paintings, either by his design or by time's.
These are not drawings for drawing's sake, but to paint; while doing them I was struck by Hopper's use of the space between things--all clumped together or as far apart as they can be. There's tension and repose both.
Also I realized, a la Dorothy, there's no place like home: I have these very same subjects here where I am--I just have to go out and see them (... and then of course, and here's the hard part, apply the intelligence and discernment that Hopper did!).
It's insanely windy and chilly here today, so no painting in the car, as Hopper and Jo did, and besides, I have work to do, to finish.
Refilling my depleted palette today and, I hope, painting tonight.
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Melanie said...

thanks so much for the book recommendation - I will definitely check it out... I actually have something similar 'Talking with Artists'... and the thing i found most interesting is that every single artist interviewed said the most important thing was just doing it, and doing it every day.
I can't disagree. Though for me it has definitely turned into a love/hate relationship!!!
Love what you've been doing!

laura said...

Yes, they always kept at it, and did what they wanted, regardless of what anyone said! And I agree: the everydayness is a challenge, but also a liberation from making the outcome too important (which has always been an impediment to painting for me). Thanks for visiting!

Mineke Reinders said...

Great drawings, especially #2, "Near the back shore", love those shapes! I should get a book about Hopper to see the painting he did of this.

Nader Shenouda said...

Hi Laura,
its been a while since i visited you, (working insanly).

Actually I was looking for a while to read a new book.. for some reason when I think of readinng..painting as a subject dont come first.. but i think i am going to check out Hopper.. can you give me some more details on him, what book to read?

by the way I like your sketchs.. your fine lines always amaze me

Gwen Buchanan said...

I particularly like you line drawings.... they are just enough!