Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another attempt at the daffodils. I don't think this photo accurately shows the yellow, which are brighter than they appear here, and, I think, more successful than in previous attempts. Before I used yellow-oranges to try to darken the yellows; here, I've used quin gold and sap green instead, with a touch of quin pink. Taking a break to consider the background (really to watch Lawrence of Arabia!).
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Mineke Reinders said...

Your daffodils are getting better and better, this is fabulous! Does it need a background? Looks great the way it is to me.
I also like your doodles a lot, Laura, especially the eyes. I can't draw moving objects at all, wouldn't even attempt to draw anything that's on a screen. I loved that film, too, it's so powerful and so human.

laura said...

Thanks, Mineke. Yes, maybe no background, but just something to balance the flowers a bit? Maybe a few thicker lines on the drawing of the jar?
I started trying to draw the eyes when I noticed the actresses eyes: a dark shadow under the upper lid, but I couldn't see the bottom lid at all: it looked so beautiful ...
The film's focus on the effects on the watcher as well as on the watched was compelling, and yes, so touching and human. I cried for about an hour afterward--my equivalent of 5 stars!

Nader Shenouda said...

I like the sap green...i think it doesnt really darken the crystalises the flowers....its very nice....I am sheeting from you i'll use this green for future flowers :)
and yeap the film is great very dramatic and powerful.
I agree with Mineke, without background could be also great!!

laura said...

You're right about the green, Doudy; it doesn't darken; does something else ... does seem to make the color "clearer."
I find if I don't work on the background simultaneously with the "subject," then I never know what to do, and, if I do go back and add something, I end up regretting it!