Sunday, November 02, 2008

(constructive) avoidance

Another day of postponing painting. On the plus side, though, I did work a little more on getting my so-called painting room ready and I made this chart showing the colors on the four palettes I use most often: I want to hand it on the wall for easy reference. I am so susceptible to buying new colors that I confuse myself.
When I first fill a palette, I make a list of the colors used, but I'm always mislaying them, and, consequently, I can now see I've made a few mistakes when refilling wells, leading to, for example, having no warm red on two fo these palettes!
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Ruth said...

Oh, that is just what I would do. I love being organized like that, although I rarely am.

robin said...

Your color chart(s) become art too, in my eyes at least, Modrian-ish and angular as if mind mapping alternate paths you may choose- or not. Three palettes diverged in the woods and I...;)

michelle said...

what is a palette? Why would you have more then one?

shicat said...

This inspires me to organize my palettes. I love the blues.I am a color junky too and am in need of a good violet, mine seem flat. I know I can mix up violet, but it's always fun to buy a new tube of paint. I think I will organize my palettes on election eve.I'll be too nervous to watch the election results,unless my son calls, Mom Obama is in the lead..... Yes we can. It's been a loooong 8 years!

Mineke Reinders said...

Wow, Laura, you are so organized. I think I'm the complete opposite, just a creature of habit. I have one palette, it is always messy and full of old paint, I just add fresh on top, and never change the layout of my palette. I rarely use more than 4 or 5 colors in one painting anyway. Your swatches are beautiful, indeed reminiscent of a Mondrian painting.
Thanks for posting the video, I forwarded it to my husband, who has been suffering from election anxiety for weeks...:)

Teresa said...

Re: "avoidance" .... I dunno... I think color charts qualify as a painting.... sometimes they're as pretty as a "regular" painting... and so helpful!


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