Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Cedar waxwings painting done in Zoom class with SaltyWaterArt, last one for the summer as Ronns concentrates on in-person plein air.
I think this is the first waxwing I've painted! Got a little carried away with the colors, maybe.
Every time I try to do a wet background like Ronna's, I botch it one way or another. Here: I dribbled water on it; I overpainted the beak then tried to fix it; I didn't get a very pretty gray.
Below: A preliminary sketch.
My color journal page. I see I went too purple in the larger painting: prefer the blue/umber colors here.
Below: I got a couple of little butcher trays to mix colors in. Liking it. And that I can put all my other stuff in it for cleanup.


RH Carpenter said...

While I really like the bird, the bg doesn’t do it for me - I would like to see a bluer shade at the top to play with the orange of the top of the bird and then fade to a more orange color at the bottom to play with the bird color at the bottom. You could still do this, going over the grey with a light wash of both colors…then I was spritz it with plain water to get droplets (and it would cover that little mistake at the beak! Ha ha - you didn’t ask for my help with this at all and here I am giving it…sorry…it’s always easy to give others’ assistance!!

laura said...

Thanks. Rhonda. Always pleased to have your input! And I totally agree about the bg-- it doesn't add anything and even detracts! I should've thought of making more of the complements!