Tuesday, June 11, 2024



Painted in one of Shari Blaukopf's online classes. Always enjoy her classes and learn something to.
Rocks are currently a favorite. They can be challenging on several ways; what I have to watch for is that I don't make the rocks too uniform by carelessly adding my darks.
I started at the left and moved across, and you can clearly see how I losty nerve as I went!


RH Carpenter said...

You are too hard on yourself, I think this is lovely!!

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda. You may be right.😉

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

You see it as loosing your nerve - I see it as leading my eye to the focus. Happy painting!

laura said...

Thank you, Lisa, for a different perspective. I wonder if sometimes we do what maybe should be done without knowing it