Wednesday, October 27, 2021

snowy owl


Painted these last night in a Zoom class with Oregon artist Ronna Fujisawa. (Check out her website: I like Ronna's approach: it's very direct, painterly, and stress-free!
I never would've attempted a snowy owl--all those markings!
I worked on two at a time because I have a tendency to paint too wetly and this way I can bounce back and forth. Though even so the paper was too wet sometimes ... but it's all right. Painting these owls was
very engrossing and fun.

Also beginning to work on making sketches of local birds-- wouldn't call the snowy owl local but they have been seen here!--that I can transfer to watercolor paper to paint with different backgrounds. 
First up: house sparrow.

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Jennifer Rose said...

those owls look great, very striking eyes 😀