Sunday, October 24, 2021

assateague national seashore


Spent last week camping on the beach with friends. Third year. Each year we vow to do art every day, but then we don't! The time is taken up with walking, biking, kayaking, and eating and drinking around the campfire.


Jennifer Rose said...

a lot of us always have the best intentions to draw when we go to place, but other stuff always gets in the way lol 😀

RH Carpenter said...

All you need is a lot of photos to get you through winter! :)

Barbara Muir said...

It sounds like sanity reins supreme. You deserve an actual break and art us work.

Love your work.


laura said...

So true, Jennifer Rose.
I did get a lot of photos, Rhonda. And lots of shells, mostly oyster shells, which I hope to paint.
Thank you, Barbara. I think sometimes you do need a break from doing to let thinking percolate!