Friday, June 18, 2021

the meadows


This is a sketch on not-so-great watercolor paper, one of those spiral-bound watercolor sketchbooks, which I often buy and never use.
But the way I approach landscapes is changing. All my classes are finally sinking in and I find myself taking time to draw or paint a little value sketch and/or to do a little "rough draft" painting in which I can, without the anxiety I might feel working on a "painting," work out a few things: colors and value, composition, and approach--wet? dry brush? 
When I do a larger version of this, for example, I'll extend the dark trees to the right a bit.
Also break up the stripes of back-, middle-, and foreground on the right.
Maybe some other things will occur to me.
And maybe (I hope) having done this I will be more ready for happy accidents.


RH Carpenter said...

Nice job on this and it’s already shown you where you want to go with the final painting :)

Jennifer Rose said...

the classes were a good idea then if they have made you think more about how you are going to paint something. spending time on educating ourselves is never a wasted time and it is showing in your work 😀

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda and Jennifer Rose