Sunday, June 27, 2021

plein air: north cape may


Did a little plein air painting with my friend Gina yesterday afternoon.
My "value" sketch wasn't much help with the values here: there's not much to them. But it did help me simplify a riot of dune grass and scrub into some discrete shapes that I could handle.

Another still life from my first watercolor class: from a lesson on glazes. I rarely--hardly ever!--use glazes, but I kind of like the effect.


RH Carpenter said...

Really like the dunes and water painting. I just started another online course on landscapes and our first assignment is to draw and then paint value studies of the photos we are going to use. I never do value studies but often my paintings turn out better if I remember to do them as preliminaries so…another reminder to use all those tools available before even painting!

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda. Yes, I am finding a little thinking prior to the painting helps!😄