Saturday, May 11, 2019

storm coming

I always plan to paint when I'm in FL, but rarely get more than one day in!
On this day, my friend Mike and I went to one of our favorite spots: North Beach at Fort De Soto in St. Pete, despite the threatening weather.
I painted these as the storm came in ... before we had to run for cover.



Barbra Joan said...

Laura, Florida beach paintings are great to do and these are what I like.
I"m very familiar with the area as I used to live in and around Tampa, . I did my one and only workshop there a few years ago with Joyce Hicks.
Sorry about the rain, but Tallahassee is getting it today too.
Enjoy your time here.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! Beautiful, I love this,

laura said...

Thank you, Barbra Joan. I love St Pete-- the town, Ft De Soto, the Gulf. And the restaurants! My brother and I like to eat!

laura said...

Thank you, Laurie. This scene, it seems to me, would be right up your alley!

Barbara Muir said...

These are gorgeous! And so alive as you were trying to grab the storm before it hit. So brave! I can't imagine doing that!


RH Carpenter said...

These are beautiful!! I so admire you getting out there and painting on location :). And glad the storm didn’t come in before you got these done.