Monday, May 20, 2019

plein air: rea's farm


Saturday afternoon my friends Diane, Karoline, and I went to a farm in West Cape May for our first plein air outing of the season.
I wish I could have kept more of this painting wet as I painted--the sun and wind made the paint dry quick. But I always try to think of my plein air paintings as practice ... it's really about going out, looking at new locations and possible subjects, and spending time with friends. 
I like the subject and will try it again in the comfort of my studio!
This old farmhouse gave me an idea for a series: to search out the increasingly rare farmhouse on the Cape and paint them before they, like so many of their predecessors, give way to McMansions.
Left Rea's with a jar of beach plum jelly and a big jar of pickled asparagus!


Anonymous said...

It’s a beautiful farm house and your painting did it justice , beautifully, the jam was a lovely gift as well!

Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful painting. Yes lets keep the farmhouses. There was a lovely white
clapboard on in our neighbourhood that's been taken down for a black brick
box of a house.


RH Carpenter said...

I like this painting, Laura. Had to look up beach plums as I've never heard of them - sounds delicious!!!