Wednesday, May 22, 2019



I continue to, sporadically, toy with my idea for a series of paintings of the shells seen in my header, above.
I always get stuck at about this stage!
Trying, first, to find the right colors ... grays, blues, but also touches sienna and other colors I haven't really identified yet!
Again, especially in the one above, I had a problem with my paper! (You can see if you enlarge the photo--the colors sink.) I think the prolonged period of extreme heat and humidity we had here last summer has, I don't know, ruined the sizing? made the paper moldy?
In any case, I have a good number of full sheets I have stockpiled that I think now I'll have to dispose of; it's just not worth the frustration. From here on: buying paper as needed!


Carol said...

Gorgeous passages of color in the first one! I had also stockpiled paper at one time and found that it got moldy. Nothing to do but use it for scrap color testing or cut it up to save the good parts.

Barbara Muir said...

Love your shells. Everything looks beautiful.


RH Carpenter said...

Well, good on you for this challenge - shells are so complicated, I'm not sure I'd even try (I can draw them but painting them?). Keep doing it and I also like the idea of you painting the old farmhouses and homes that are disappearing (shades of Mary Whyte and her disappearing workers?). Always love your color palette.