Tuesday, May 28, 2019

wip: st mary's


The first time I drew this, when I started painting I found the paper was defective. So I drew over it in black marker anad traced it onto a new sheet of paper ... which seems defect-free.
This is an iconic 1889 Cape May Point building, St Mary's by the Sea, a retreat for Philadelphia's Sisters of St Joseph. Recently the nuns decided that after 2021 the building would be demolished and the land--a nice piece of beachfront!--protected from development and left to return to nature.
Amen, sisters! And thank you.

Speaking of defective paper: I haven't been setting aside time to paint recently so I thought the least I could do would be to work on sorting out my paper situation a little each evening.
I started with the pile of smallish blocks I have on my shelf: I just play around putting colors on the top sheet and mix them and move them around. Did have to discard a few old blocks.
With the blocks the area that seems to cause the most trouble is the "top" edge (the edge where the cover is attached) of the block--you can see the mottling at the top of this painting of a jetty. Maybe they use a different glue here?
So far though, the blocks are in good shape. On to the sheets.



Candy said...

Nice jetty! Great start on St. Mary's by the Sea. I love the story!

Barbara Muir said...

Love your work. I love how you paint, and everything always looks amazing!