Monday, November 12, 2018

value practice

The idea here was to be rigorous in establishing and maintaining values ... I can't seem to do values in color. That will be my next attempt!
I wasn't happy with how thick I let the branches on the tree get, so I added some streaks of white and splatter for snow.


Jill said...

This one is my favorite one. Your values aren't bad at all. Beautiful painting! I always
see your posts,but have not commented. You are hard on yourself,be nice to you!

laura said...

Thank you, Jill. I'm glad you like it, and that you commented!
It's true: I am hard on myself, but I can take it! ;-)

RH Carpenter said...

I’ve always found it difficult to do bare trees but this looks good to me - as usual, more practice makes perfect and I always think of Andrew Wyeth’s love of the bare trees and shrubs. As for the values, they work well here :).

Barbara Muir said...

Love this. Just perfect.