Friday, November 30, 2018

melo & arya

This was coming along pretty well, then I started having trouble with Melo's face ... and the overworking began! I didn't finish; though I may, just for practice.
I will definitely try this one again, hopefully having learned from my mistakes.


RH Carpenter said...

You ay feel you overworked this one (on the orange cat?) but there is a lot to love about this - especially the white cat’s body and how you’ve shaped it with the colors in the shadows (color and warm) and his ears (one up, one down which adds interest and ties in with the eyes, one more open and one more closed). And the orangey cat looks good, a bit chubby? but maybe one eye looks a bit off. Still, one eye a bit overdone compared to the whole painting? = well done.

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda! I am pleased with the white cat, Arya, esp her "cap"! On Melo, and yes, he's a bit tubby!, I got myself confused ... I could see his eyes in the photo but wound up making them too prominent ( or someting)

Barbra Joan said...

Laura you are so hard on yourself. Your a wonderful artist and I aspire to be as good as you... someday... but since i'm old enough to be your mother LOL I'm running out of time. My biggest fault is overwork... I tend to do that a LOT.

Etsy was a lot different years ago and getting set up is the most work, but if you follow what they ask it's not that hard . .. They just upped their cut to 5% and that's not bad compared to what other sites charge.
Like you I have so many paintings. We're lucky it's watercolor and paper. I live in a one room studio above a double garage on my nieces' property . No space is putting it mildly . And I don't like chaos.
As long as I average a couple paintings a month it's a help, and I'll keep doing it. Thanks for the visit.

Barbara Muir said...

I think it's beautiful. So perfectly capturing the cats' expressions.
They are beautiful too. (I love cats.)