Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is half a painting better than none?
Want to get one more painting out of these daffodils, but I can't go any further on this, or anything else, tonight.
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About said...

I like it! I love all of the colors you've used...beautiful. I also like to see the drawing under the painting...sometimes the unfinished look works just as well as a finished painting. Lovely. What is the blue that you've used in the background?'s beautiful

Sara Mathewson said...

hi Laura,

so far it is looking really good. I really love your work. I have you on my blogroll and every time I see a new post I get excited to see what you have done. Your blog is one of my favorites!

Take care,

Sara Mathewson

Nader Shenouda said...

Hi Laura,
One of the good things to be away for some while is to get a big dose of your work in one time... enjoy your work as usual..especially the previous post, the shadows are great :)

laura said...

I agree, Tracy--I like to see the drawing, and I like "unfinished" looking things; Paul Klee, Egon Sheile, and Dabid Hockney come to mind! Now the trick is to "finish" without "finishing"!
That blue is Cobalt Teal--Daniel Smith, I think, or maybe Winsor&Newton--and it is a beautiful, irresistable color!
Thanks, Sara, that's very nice of you to say!!
Hey Doudy! I missed you; glad you're "back"! Thanks--I'm always drawn to those long cast shadows but don't often pull them off. In this case I painted them fast, with some stronger and some weaker pigment, then softened some of the edges. I'm glad yout think it worked.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Yes! I love this, too! It's really beautiful and I completely agree with Tracy about the unfinished working as well as a finished. After all - what's a finished painting?

Carol Carter said...

your work is lush, direct, beautiful...

what a wonderful treat.