Tuesday, March 24, 2009

march vsd

(7x11 watercolor pencil)

(5x7 watercolor)

This month's Virtual Sketch Date image. You can view other people's versions here.
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christine said...

I love both versions, although the little red bird in the top painting is especially darling.

You make me want to pull out my watercolor pencils and start experimenting!

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, these are great! The second one is so light filled, and they're both so sweet. I do love the birds--we've been noticing some cannoodling definitely going on in our backyard, and lots of grasses being collected from our hanging baskets, so nesting is taking place. Spring is here! These are wonderful, Laura.

Teresa said...

I have a bird feeder just like that right outside my living room window... and like that one, it's usually well visited by cardinals and a variety of other birds.

Great job.... I especially like the second one.

ego2005 said...

Congratulations for both works. Personally I prefer the watercolor!

Well done!

Mineke Reinders said...

Both are wonderful, but I prefer the watercolor version personally. It seems a little more organic to me. Love your colors as always.

BMoon said...

Beautiful paintings! Really love that second one, something about that yellow light, is just dazzling and sets up the focus.

Sydney Harper said...

Nice paintings! I like both but I think the watercolor pencil one is my favorite. I like the use of colors in it.

Blade21292 said...

I agree that the colors in the second one just pop and the application seems to be a bit more relaxed and free! Great job on both.

Stacy said...

Laura, you have two great entries here. I really like the way you added color to both of them. I think that add a certain spark that wasn't in the reference. And I love the way you handled the seed in the feeder in the second version. Well done!


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