Sunday, March 01, 2009

cape may point

(10x14 sheet)
I'll be exhibiting my paintings in the local library May 09 and have been planning to do eight new paintings for the show: four of the wildlife management area in town and four of the park in Cape May Point, featuring the WWII bunker and the ruins of the old lighthouse (which I think aren't there anymore).

I painted this one first, yesterday, nearly to completion, and worked on the bottom two today. Seeing how these two are coming, I think I'll have to go back and start over with the first one, using stronger washes.

The wildlife management area scenes are not coming along as I envisioned them! I drew four scenes and have started painting two of them, but I think I'll probably start over!

This composition is pretty weak; adding a slanting, slim tree trunk or two may help.
And below, a better scene, but the washes are so weak and the tree in the foreground so ungainly ... I think I'll have to begin again. Stronger, next time!

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RHCarpenter said...

Well, I like everything you shared today - just more work needed on the few that were just starts. I like the light tree in the bottom painting - it's very elegant and pale - not bad at all, to my eyes.

Hildebrand Memorial Library said...

You've captured the atmosphere of the Point well in these initial sketches Laura, wish I was there to take a walk down from Sunset Beach for a bit of inspiration to ally your worries. Nothing like "having" to create something to add an unaccustomed edge to your process. I have no doubt these scenes will flourish, one breath & brushstroke at a time.

Watercolorist said...

You are very good at self criticism of your work. Your comments on other's work is always thoughtful too. I admire that. I like the works and the soft colors of the trees in the last watercolor. Would be interesting to see once you add more trees to the second last one. Good luck with the exhibition.

Bill Evertson said...

Good luck with the upcoming exhibit! Looks like you have a critical eye on what needs more work. Nothing like an show to make the colors flow.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, congratulations, Laura! I'm glad more people will be seeing your beautiful work. These are all breathtakingly lovely. I couldn't post on your blog one day recently--it wouldn't let me. Not sure why. The mysteries of blogland.

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda and Robin, for pointing out the positive!

And thank you, Jean. I was in a group a few years back where the other painters were wonderful critquers, of their own and others' work, and I am always wanting to improve this skill.

Thanks Bill and Sue. The prospect of showing again has got me thinking ... The library art shows don't draw crowds--but the librarians like my work! ;-)

BTW Sue I've had problems now and again over the last week trying to comment on others' blogs, and I read another blogger's comments on difficulties ... Maybe Blogger is overloaded?

Sharon said...

Your own show! That's exciting, Laura. And it looks like you have an excellent start. (And I agree with what everyone else said about your critical eye and the thoughtful comments you leave..)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love your watercolors. Love the colors you use. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and becoming a follower. I will add your name too.
So sorry about your loss of your beloved cats.
I left you a comment on my blog about losing 2 of our cats at 16 within months of each other and a year later a male cat at 14. We were sooo sad. I said I would never do it again, but five days later I rescued Nikki from going to the pound & here we are, 11 years later, with three cats and a dog now. :))They are heart worms. They worm themselves into your heart.


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