Wednesday, July 23, 2008

virtual sketch date

Here is my "interpretation" of this month's image at Virtual Sketch Date. Lucky for me this subject just happened to revolve around the colors I've been obsessing over lately. On Saturday 7/26, everyone who participated will be posting their results and the Virtual Sketch Date blog will have links to them. Cool, huh?
Of course, I couldn't wait--I painted this this morning, when I should have been working; then I started and I couldn't leave it alone until it was done. Now I guess I'll just have to do some work.

Also, Annalein, in her July 21 post, gave me the Arte y Pico award, which is really wonderful coming from her: I absolutely love her watercolors--flowers, landscapes, figures-- and hope I can take a workshop with her someday!

Now, I need to provide links to other bloggers, to pass along my good fortune!
In my July 18 I provided links to several blogs I've found recently ... and through them, I've found even more, which I will post links to soon.

And please check out the blogs in my blog list!!

Now to work.

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A Brush with Color said...

That is just stunning! I love the colors. Really beautiful!

Leslie said...

Hi Laura!
Thanks for painting "ahead of schedule".
I think it is the colors that made me want to get busy. Now that I see your VSD watercolor I don't feel alone!

I have been wanting to do an "orange and purple" picture for some time now, and this was my excuse :)

Your watercolors are fantastic!
I particularly like the snow landscapes.

I am a Jersey girl originally, and the snow reminded me of 'home'.

shicat said...

I have finally found the courage to post some of my watercolors,well one so far.I am still learning how to negotiate the site. Maybe you could help? I don't know how to get rid of the tools on side under my picture and profile etc. Oh, the site is cathy's watercolors thanks

laura said...

Thanks, Suzanne. I think hanging fruit--oranges, apples, grapes--is a subject that has such intrinsic appeal: just add color!
Oh and as a Jersey girl, I have to add tomatoes!

Speaking of which, Hi Leslie. The VSD idea is so wonderful; I'm really excited to see what different people do with the same subject. It's a nice way to stretch too: letting/having someone else pick the subject!
Orange and purple and cobalt violet and yellow-green and blue and anything ... all so sedcutive!

Hi Shicat: Congratulations on starting your blog! I'll be happy to answer any questions--though I'm really not much of a "technician"; I'm a trial-and-error kind of computer user! If you look at my early posts, you'll see it took me awhile to figure out how to make my paintings larger. Do you have Picasa (a free Google picture-storing-and-editing program)? I always start in Picasa, with the picture I want to post: put the picture in the tray, hit "blog this" and off you go: so easy!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Absolutely luscious! I will cherish the day when i can dedicate more time painting and drawing.. You are so inspiring!! Thank-you!


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