Friday, July 04, 2008

path to the bay


This is near where Itchy and I went to the bay last night to watch fireworks put on by the Delaware River and Bay Authority.
We walked down the beach a bit, which was crowded because the tide was coming in. I found a place to stand and watch the display. Seconds later some yahoo sitting about 40 feet behind me starts yelling for me to move to the left, which I did. A few minutes later, I must've shifted position, because he sent his 10-ish son over to say his dad would like me to move about 5 feet to the left--which would put me in the dune grasses. For those of you who don't know me: I am not large enough to blot out the sky. It was on the tip on my tongue to say to the kid, Your dad's a real pain in the ass, isn't he?
Such small, insignificant and unpleasant encounters really leave you wondering ... a la What the hell is wrong with people.
Luckily for my frame of mind, as I was leaving the beach, I met and spoke with two handsome, pleasant and civil young gay men. Which gives me hope on two counts: because of their civility and because heretofore there has not been a large or visible gay population in my neighborhood. Things may be looking up.

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