Monday, July 07, 2008

dune of confusion


I should do a simple, geometric map of the planes in this scene to help me understand what I can't when looking at all the colors and shapes. I eliminated a dune fence across the front, which really separated the foreground--the triangle shape in the lower left--from the middle and background, which is lower and recedes rather sharply. This scene required more planning, less plunging!
Painting the wet sand and the thin film of water as the tide comes in is a challenge too: the edge can't be too hard or unbroken, I think; also the angle, the curve has to be right; and the color of the water where the sand beneath shows through always eludes me.

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Suzanne said...

The second one is beginning to look very Hockney like. I wonder if was all worried about getting angles and planes right ....

I like 'em just the way they are.

Don said...

I enjoyed studying your paintings and reading your commentary. I find it interesting to get a peek into your brain!

Vivienne said...

They seem so fresh and free, and then I read of your struggles!
I love the sky in your lower painting especially, all the little hard and soft edges, and what seems to me the bloom of the sand at the water's edge.

laura said...

Thanks, Suzanne--and I wasn't even trying for Hockney-like! ;-)

Uh oh, Don: I feel like my brain should have a warning label or maybe a disclaimer of some sort on it!

Hi Vivienne. I seem to be experiencing a disconnect between me and my brain (see above!): maybe my struggles are self-invented? Anyway, I'm always pleased with a bloom!


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