Thursday, July 17, 2008

angelsea paintings


The lighthouse used to be white, with faded red trim and faded purple shutters. The new colors are more subtle--a cool pale yellow with putty trim--but didn't appeal to me for my painting, so I stuck with white.



These are my after-lunch paintings; the lopsided benches showing the effects of Rolling Rock.
There's a walkway that runs along the shore behind the lighthouse, with benches, looking out on a shallow pool and a large sandbar formed by the shifting sand--the water depth around North Wildwood changes every year. The ocean was an amazing color yesterday: a dark turquoise blue.
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Sandy said...

Thanks to Sharon (Flat Sound of Wooden Clogs) I have found your gorgeous blog - this post is absolutely luminous ! Lovely watercolor works at its finest!!

Bill Evertson said...

The lighthouse is majestic as well as the bench. Great angles. I also catch your feeling of the water in the number three work. Beautiful color.

Gail said...

Good lines on the lighthouse. Well done.

laura said...

Hi Sandy. Thanks for commenting--isn't Sharon nice?! I love your post on greens!

Thanks Bill. The color was so inviting--I should have dropped my watercolor block and jumped in.

Hi Gail--thanks for commenting. I just stopped by your blog and I really love your butterfly! Thanks for showing all the steps to the final painting: it's beautiful!


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