Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well, this isn't turning out too well, so I think I'll cease and desist! The washes of Winsor blue on the sides are just too dark, too strong, which is especially awful where the orange flower overlaps, resulting in an opaque grayish color.
I do like the technique though--especially as practiced by Shirley Trevena!--and may try again, without the washes this time!
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Ruth said...

I agree with you, but it is a very nice start, and I can picture it as you have described it, so I hope you'll try again.

(I say that, knowing I would not have a clue how to do it.)

Annelein said...

Hi Laura,
I'm awarding your blog the Arte Y Pico was awarded to me and I am passing it along to you. Check out the link on my blog...keep up the great painting!

Judybec said...

the sides do look a bit too strong for the flower. but I bet you learned a lot doing this! I'm in awe of your sailboat painting from the last post... beautiful!

laura said...

You don't have to know anything about the technique to see something's gone awry her Ruth!

Thank you, Annalein--that's really wonderful coming from you; I admire your paintings so much!

Thanks, Judy. I hope I did learn something. At the very least I learned painting something that doesn't turn out well is not a catastrophe! Many times "fear of failure" keeps me from starting, but, I've failed--and it's not disastrous!

A Brush with Color said...

I read your notes and it's funny--I was thinking, when I saw your work, that it reminds me of Shirley Trevena! So you must've succeeded in my eyes! I like her work a lot! Your piece here is beautiful!

laura said...

That is funny, Suzanne! Like a clumsy, impatient Shirley Trevena!! I have two of her books and am just amazed by what she does!


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