Tuesday, March 18, 2008

triad plus one

This is from my Monday class: a chart of colors and garys made from aureolin, permanent rose, cobalt blue, and sap green. (The bar on the lower right is mineral violet mixed with each of those four and then as a gray made from the puddle on the palette.)
The orchids below were painted using this triad-plus-one.

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Bill Evertson said...

Glad to see you found a moment of sanity to post. I hope things are winding down.

laura said...

Thanks, Bill. The renovations are stuck between winding down and gearing up. This old house is very needy!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I had more time today to go through more of your blog... Your watercolors are so very special... the translucency.... makes me stop & contemplate...
I know what trying to survive renovations is like... we lived in our house while we built it from scratch for 8 years... I finally feel like I am actually living here & not just camping out in a construction zone... good luck


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