Friday, April 30, 2021

landscape class


This week's painting in Bill Rogers's Zoom class at Chesapeake Fine Arts Studio.
Also a great example of why I like taking classes: when I saw this reference photo I was not happy! The subject doesn't appeal to me much, but more than that I thought there was no way I could paint all those greens, and especially the darks in the greens.
As usual, my darks could be darker, but I am pleased that, even though there's not a lot of depth of field, there is depth.
A few things I see now I could tweak--more darks on the horse (some Norwegian breed), especially where its legs and belly meet the grass, the boot ...--

1 comment:

RH Carpenter said...

Not exactly a Kentucky Derby entry but a nice painting. Are you going to add more to the boot/stirrup or leave it as is?